What can I say except what an amazing dog you chose for us!  We got home yesterday
and slowly introduced our house and yard to him.  He played, ate and snoozed in
his crate without a sound.  (Maybe a little snoring)  We went to bed at 9:30 and he slept
until 5.  I let him out, ran around the yard, fed him, and went back to bed until 7!  He
never cried last night and I kept waking up to make sure we really had him.  I can tell
you taught him his name well and he loves his two crates.  Neighbors can't believe
how sweet and friendly Rosco is.  After a playful morning, Rosco has been sleeping
for two hours.  Jim is also thrilled with him.  Rosco seems to love Jim's gentle manner
and Jim just sits and rubs him when Rosco is sleepy.  Also we took some wonderful pics
that I'll send soon.  So.......all is well in Attleboro and thanks again for all the time you
put in for us and Rosco.
                                                                           Happy Paws Rosco, Dee and Jim